An ACG Architected Intelligent Building is a key objective across all industries

ACG architects and delivers state of the art technologies.  

Our flexible technology solutions for IT, security, and telecommunications meet the needs of any industry and are continually improved to take advantage of technological advancements.  Examples of industry profiles described below.


Security and access control are paramount in education. Intelligent building technology provides threat protection, rapid reaction, and peace of mind.

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Physical and digital security are a must in the medical industry. Our solutions offer these protections delivered via proven cloud based tools.   

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Protection through access control and monitoring are necessary in manufacturing. Specifically, monitoring and surveillance of manufacturing areas, inventory locations and building perimeter.

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ACG partners with General Contractors and Architects to ensure that the concepts of the intelligent building are included from design inception, initial concept, through to blueprinting and construction. 

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Service and Retail

The service & retail industries rely on a network of tools which address fraud protection, access control, data security, and cloud based communication to run operations smoothly.

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